Mass spectrometry conferences world wide!

Wow. I'm doing a terrible job of keeping this updated (what year is it!?!? Why are my words so big!?!?!) @PastelBio does a much better job. You can find it here! 


February 20-23rd: ABRF, Fort Lauderdale
March 13-16: US HUPO, Boston
June 5- June 9:  ASMS San Antonio
June 21-25: EUPA, Istanbul (not Constantinople)
September 14-17: Proteomics in Cell Biology and Disease Mechanisms: Heidelberg, DE
September 18-22: International HUPO, Taipei


March 22-24: BIT (10th Anniversary) Protein and Peptide Conference Fukuoko, Japan
March 25-28: ABRF, San Diego [discovered by the Germans...]
June 4 - June 8:  ASMS Indianapolis
September 17-20: International HUPO, Dublin
Oct 23-25: 7th Symposium on Structural Proteomics, Vienna! 


June 3-7:  ASMS San Diego
IMSC 22 - Florence, Italia (TBA)


June 2-6:  ASMS Atlanta


  1. Hey,
    have you checked the January 9-10: International Conference on Proteomics and Bioinformatics: Bali, Indonesia?

    It seems to be a scam like many other WASET events.
    for more info:

  2. I think you have the wrong date/location for the Society for Glycobiology meeting (San Diego was 2012):

  3. Here is another proteomic/MS conference:

    Proteomic Forum 2015 22-25 March in Berlin, Germany

    Looking at the speakers makes it definitely worth to attend!

  4. Hello,

    Would it be possible to post this proteomics event on your blog?

    Proteomics in Cell Biology and Disease Mechanisms
    EMBL–Wellcome Genome Campus Conference
    Heidelberg, Germany

    14 - 17 Sep 2016


  5. Hi is it Possible to add event Regarding 7th World Congress on Mass Spectrometry June 20-22, 2018 Rome, Italy

    Click here for info: